An account overview

The NKY Savvy Savers Club is a fun way for kids ages 2-12 to experience saving! Teach your kids the value of savings with this fun and rewarding account experience. With each $5 or more deposited, kids will get their rewards card punched. A full card is a visit to the savings treasure chest to choose a toy! Just $5 to starts the account, so start your kids a Savvy Savers account today!

What you get

Your child’s Northern Kentucky Federal Credit Union Kids Club account comes with:

  • Savvy Saver Deposit Punch Card
  • Birthday Coin mailed on your birthday to exchange for a present!
  • Annual coloring contests
  • All the benefits of our normal savings accounts!

Summing up this account

The NKY Savvy Savers Club account is a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and their children. Sign up your children and/or grandchildren today!