Northern Kentucky Federal Credit Union

Highland Heights, KY
(859) 441-3405

Florence, KY
(859) 441-3405

Become A Member

How do you open an account at Northern Kentucky Federal Credit Union?  It’s very easy!  Just stop into either our Florence or our Highland Heights office with $5 and your driver’s license.  Fill out a few easy forms and you are ready for your pleasant credit union experience!  If you work at any of the following businesses, you can open an account with Northern Kentucky Federal Credit Union:

  • Aunt Kathy’s Child Care and Preschool
  • Beckfield College (employees and students)
  • Beechwood Independent Schools
  • Bellevue Independent Schools
  • Biology Integration and Outreach for Science Education
  • Boone County Schools
  • Campbell County Schools
  • Campbell County Library
  • Cardinal Engineering Corporation
  • Central Campbell County Fire Department
  • Covington Independent Schools
  • Dayton Independent Schools
  • Diocese of Covington
  • Erlanger-Elsmere Schools
  • Faces without Places (employees and members)
  • Fort Thomas Schools
  • Gallatin County Schools
  • Grant County Schools
  • Holy Cross
  • Holy Family Home
  • Kenton County Schools
  • Kentucky Education Association (KEA)
  • Ludlow Independent Schools
  • Madonna Manor
  • Newport Independent Schools
  • Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Education
  • Northern Kentucky University (faculty, staff, and students)
  • Northern Kentucky Alumni Association (employees, members and friends)
  • Northern Kentucky Water District
  • Pendleton County Schools
  • Southgate Independent Schools
  • St. Charles Care Center
  • TANK
  • The Children’s Garden, LLC
  • Thomas More University (faculty and staff)
  • Tri-State Gastroenterology Associates
  • Walton Verona Schools
  • Williamstown Independent Schools

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